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Poetry Corner: Hate Happened Here

I found this poem I wrote in 2010 after the teen suicides in 2010 and I wanted to share it on the blog. Here it is:


Hate Happened Here

What is hate?

A simple object of our imagination

Playing a big role in the reincarnation

Of traditions and old ideologies

Simply leading into the objectification

Of people we love

And those who love us.


How dare we objectify people because of their identity?

The color of their skin

The people they choose to love

Their gender and class

Being able-bodied or not–

This can’t be society’s plot

To change the way we think

Reinforce the roles from history,

Or in my case, HERstory,

To keep the cycle of socialization going and going,

Until we’re



We can’t continue to live like this,

Hoping and praying that change occurs

While we sit back,

Become a bystander

Read on the news

“A teenage boy has committed suicide due to anti-gay bullying



One person

One person can change the world.

Pretty soon that ME will turn to WE

And WE can be the change we wish to see.

In the world.


© Gabby P 2010


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Poetry Corner: Ghost

I hate you.

I hate the way you make me feel,

as if I’m worthless and invisible—

someone unworthy of your precious time.

You are a stranger to me,

idly walking by, stopping to stare at me—

giving me a forced wave

accompanied with polite chit chat.

I stand like a ghost,

slowly moving through the lively streets,

unwilling to make a sound;

I’m silenced by your impenetrable hold over me.

I’m taking back my life;

a life filled with trying to make you proud,

a life wondering if you would approve.

You never really did anyway.

 -GP 2012