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Not Your Average ‘I Love the 90s’ Post


Hello Bloggers,

In between looking for a job, I entered this time capsule that took me back to the 90’s. Last week, I started watching one of my favorite 90’s shows Ghostwriter that took place in Fort Greene, Brooklyn from ’92-’95.

He’s a ghost and he writes to us

To give you a brief synopsis of the show, there is a ghost who writes to six kids called Ghostwriter, and he helps them solve cases in their community. This kids show aired on PBS and Nickelodeon, and was meant to teach kids how to write better in school. Now, as an adult, I’ve found myself re-watching all the episodes (all 74 to be exact) on Youtube. As I went through the episodes, it hit me that this is not your average show, 90’s or not. This show’s cast was rich in diversity, ethnicity, and language. What really stuck out to me was the social activism these cases led to.

In the “Over the Barrel” case, the team was trying to find out who put toxic waste in their community garden. This led them to finding the owner of a moving company who was receiving an award for being a great citizen (which he was NOT). They staged a rally and protest at the event and even had a camera crew come for him to claim responsibility for his actions. After watching this episode, I sat in bed thinking about how amazing this was, even if I didn’t understand it as much back in the 90’s.

Here is my point: There were so many shows that were aimed at diversity in the 90’s such as Ghostwriter, The Puzzle Place,  and Arthur (even though that still exists), just to name a few.

I mean look at that description of the show

This is a different kind of diversity

I thought about this connects to my upbringing- I was never one of those kids who thought differently of someone who was from a different culture, and as I thought about the shows I used to watch as a kid, it may be one of the reasons why. I watched so many shows that highlighted diversity and praised each character in different episodes. As for Ghostwriter, the social activism in this show may resonate with me now because of what I studied in college and how much of an activist I am.

These were some of the greatest shows I watched in the 90’s, but there are so many more that were amazing as well. Can you name a few?


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2 thoughts on “Not Your Average ‘I Love the 90s’ Post

  1. It’s been so long since I watched Ghostwriter, it was such a good show. Great post!

  2. OMG, I *loved* Arthur! I’ve actually never heard of Ghost Writer or The Puzzle Place, but I really liked The Magic School Bus. 🙂

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