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Dear Fellow Bloggers

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I apologize for my absence. It’s been a crazy week for me. Between job hunting and my family, I’ve been quite the busy person. I have been so wrapped up in my life that I even forgot to write a Foodie Friday post! Not to worry, but I will have a Foodie post up soon.

Yesterday, my sister had minor surgery on her left ankle. It wasn’t too bad, but the anxiety and the waiting was what really stressed me out. Ever since my mom passed, I haven’t been able to step into a hospital for more than an hour without my chest getting tight and my mind starting to race. Thankfully my sister will be ok and her ankle should heal within the next 2 months.

I am asking all of you to keep me in your thoughts as I continue to go through these next weeks. There have been more things going on, but I won’t share them because they are a little personal, but I hope you all continue to have a great weekend and a wonderful start to thanksgiving festivities!



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Post-Grad student looking to engage herself in the new world.

One thought on “Dear Fellow Bloggers

  1. Glad to hear your sister’s surgery went smoothly. Let me know if you need anything–including a trip to Brooklyn Cupcake. 🙂

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