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Foodie Friday: The Post-Sandy Edition

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Bloggers, this week has not been a good one for trying new things, so I’m afraid this Foodie Friday is going to be a short one. Ever since Sandy’s arrival, many people in NYC (including myself) has been in a post-hurricane funk. We’ve been secluded to our homes and have been getting cabin fever. It is really not pretty. The hurricane has left me feeling unmotivated and stir-crazy, so much that I haven’t done anything substantial this entire week!

This is been my struggle this entire week. SO hard.

Anyway, BACK to Foodie Friday. Just when I lost hope for the rest of the week, I became inspired.

I went to my grandmother’s house to pick something up, and she asked me if I wanted some homemade soup that she made. Now bloggers, mind you, it wasn’t a big deal, but my grandma can throw down, even with soup. As I took some to go, I asked what was in it. It was your normal, old-fashioned chicken soup but with a twist. It has cabbage, yuca, eggplant, rice (instead of noodles), and chicken drumsticks.

Now, I know you all remember my motto from the very first Foodie Friday: never be old-fashioned, and it’s true. Remember that you can create great things just by adding different ingredients to the mix. This soup she made left me inspired and gave me hope that I can get out of this post-hurricane funk and be productive. Sometimes we need the little things in order to keep steady, and I am grateful to my grandma for giving me that back.

Next week, she is going to teach me how to make pasteles! I’m trying to learn as much as possible from her because these are the recipes that can be handed down forever. My culture is engrained in the food I make, and hopefully it is with you too.


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