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“Look at Me, I’m Sandra Dee” – The Hurricane That Hit the Tri-State Area


This past weekend, Hurricane Sandy made it’s way to the Tri-State Area from the Caribbean and hit us with a purpose, to knock us back so we can pick ourselves up again. Sandy has been dubbed “Frankenstorm” by many because it has hit around Halloweeen, but I like to think of her as “Sandra Dee” from Grease, because it’s funnier and incites less panic on my end.

Hopelessly devoted to tearing shit up

On Sunday, my family and I prepped with essentials just in case we lost power and by Monday, we were packing a bag just in case we had to evacuate due to flooding. I live in Sunset Park, which is near water, and although Zone A ends on First Avenue, we live on Second, so we weren’t taking any chances.

I can’t even begin to describe the feelings behind sitting through a Hurricane. I kept looking out the window to see if any trees fell, particularly this one in front of my house that is a little too slanted for my comfort.

Can you see the slant in this bad boy?

The wind kept howling, the lights flickered and I kept hearing things banging on my window. At the start of Hurricane Sandy’s reign (around 4pm), the tree in my backyard fell backward (thank goodness) and knocked down the cable wires of the building next door. 10 minutes later, someone came by from next door to complain, but seriously – what are we supposed to do about it? Do we look like the cable company? Also, WE ARE IN A HURRICANE, just saying.

Throughout the night, the wind kept getting worse, and I kept praying that it wouldn’t knock anything down or tear through someone’s house. Toward 9pm, I kept hearing metal panels banging together, and I kept thinking someone’s house is falling apart thanks to Sandy. I still had electricity, so I took to social media to find out the latest from Sandy in other areas, and it was not good. Flooding in Red Hook, Coney Island, and Williamsburg in Brooklyn, Flooding in the LES in Manhattan, and Staten Island also got hit really bad. Never mind the flooding in NJ and the power outages all throughout NY, NJ and all the neighboring cities.

Dyker Heights, Brooklyn


Red Hook, Brooklyn

These are instances of the mass flooding that has occurred due to Sandy. She even messed up our New York City Transit system:

86th Street N Train Station

I’ve never been in a Hurricane before, and now that I’ve been in one, I never want to be in one again. The fear, the waiting, the aftermath; it’s not something I like to experience all at once. All the trains in NYC are suspended until further notice, and we have limited bus service in NYC, which means if you don’t have a car, you are somewhat trapped in your neighborhood. And don’t even get me started on Long Island.

But all in all, I can’t complain too much about Hurricane Sandy. Yes, she devastated us badly, but we have a system in place for a quick turnaround. I was snapped back into reality after I remembered Sandy didn’t only affect us, she affected the Caribbean as well.

As I shut my ‘First World drama’ up, I realized that countries such as Haiti (who have already been devastated enough), are struggling everyday to regain control of their country from the natural disasters. Yes, I may be without transportation, but as I write this, I recognize my privilege in being able to write on my blog and use the computer to do so. So while we Americans continue to complain about the things we are lacking, I will stay quiet because I know there are people out there suffering worse than us.

My heart goes out to the people affected by Sandy, whether in the Caribbean or in the East Coast. Sandy tore through our coast and made it her bitch, to put it into simple terms. To those who lost their homes due to Sandy, I hope you find the resources needed to rebuild it. We now have to deal with the aftermath, and hopefully we can do it in a peaceful way and not resort to thinking that it’s the end of the world for we are a country of great privilege, and it will be rebuilt.

IN OTHER NEWS: Do you remember when Romney said he was doing to de-fund FEMA? I don’t think you want to do that now, buddy.

This is one of the reasons why I think Barack Obama is amazing: during Sandy, he made efforts to call officials in the areas that were getting hit the worst and applauded them for their efforts in trying to regain control during Sandy’s passing. That’s dedication and humility for you. Think about it, America. THINK ABOUT IT.


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3 thoughts on ““Look at Me, I’m Sandra Dee” – The Hurricane That Hit the Tri-State Area

  1. good post, girl. i am with you. (and happy to be back on the grid. that was privileged torture.)

  2. thats as i always say – there is always someone going through something worse and we should just be grateful for the little we have..

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