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Life is All About Rhetorical Choices


Bloggers! Today was an exciting day for feminism and community!

Don’t you just love graffiti art?

My friend Connie came to visit me this past weekend (also known as my birthday weekend) and we have been having great feminist conversations since her arrival! Considering we are social justice sisters, it is fitting that once we get reconnected, we start devising plans of world domination (or what flavor cupcake we want to try). Today, we met up with my friend Carrie for some Brooklyn fun, which may or may not have included cupcakes, feminist lit, and tattoos.

Yes, you read correctly – TATTOOS. Everything about this was a rhetorical choice, based on a previous situation that left three people tattooed with the word “choice” in various fonts a couple months ago. Even when I got my first tattoo (FTB – F**k the Binaries), it was based on a rhetorical choice, as all tattoos should be considering it’s permanent. As usual, my thought process behind today’s tattoo was spontaneous even though Connie was dead set on getting it for weeks. She decided on getting “womynist” with the O replaced by a venus symbol (aka the female symbol for those who don’t know). I had to sketch the idea for the tattoo artist, and this is the best I could do in a short time:

Check out my hand drawn font! Yes, that is helvetica.

This tattoo is both a personal and rhetorical choice, because as you all know, the personal is political (as usual). After talking with the tattoo artist and my fellow fontist Carrie, we decided to go with the Franklin Gothic Demi Condensed font in size 36 (Michele you would be so proud). And because you are all anxious for the finished product, here it is:

JUST KIDDING! If you don’t know where this is from, you need to get out more. Here it really is:

This is some rhetorical shiznet

Aside from the tattoo being at a steal of a price, it was also a great to finally get a tattoo with my social justice PIC (never mind the awesome look on Carrie’s face when I made a split decision to get it as well).

For me, tattoos are meant to be rhetorical, but personal. This is a representation of the person I am due to feminism and activism. If you are going to permanently ink your body, it should have a higher meaning than the average “it would just look cool” thought.

Next up: I found a signature of my mother’s and I’m going to have a tattoo artist scan and enlarge it for my next tattoo project. Here’s to the next rhetorical choice!


Author: mamagfem

Post-Grad student looking to engage herself in the new world.

7 thoughts on “Life is All About Rhetorical Choices

  1. did you and connie get matching ones?

  2. Such a great day filled with feminism and rhetorical choices!

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  4. Gabby I want a matching feminist tattoo with you!!! Can it be my turn next??!?

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