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Breaking: Rest in Peace Amanda Todd – End Bullying NOW.

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My friend just broke the news to me that another teenager has committed suicide due to bullying and harassment. Amanda Todd, 15 of Port Coquitlam, British Columbia left behind a chilling video (similar to that of Jonah Mowry’s), but has since succumbed to the pressures of the students bullying and harassing her. Here is the video:

When Amanda was younger, her and her friends used to webcam with various people online, and when someone asked her to flash them, she did (probably not a good idea). This person then proceeded to stalk her and threaten to show everyone a picture of her breasts if she didn’t “put on a show” for him. Turns out, he publicized the photo anyway (who thought he wouldn’t do it anyway). Her peers turned their back on her and began to bully her and one student actually punched her in the face. Her parents moved her to another school, but the hate didn’t stop there. She was being cyber bullied on Facebook, and the person who blackmailed her came back and did it again, causing her new friends to distance themselves. She began to drink and do drugs, and essentially started making bad decisions that led to her downfall.

Rest in Peace.

There is a lot of back and forth regarding Amanda’s situation. I’ve been talking to my friends, and while we both agree that she should’ve told someone she was being stalked and bullied, I can personally understand the stress that comes with being put in a position where you are backed in to a corner. You feel like you have no one to turn to because you are afraid of the consequences and embarrassment. It’s truly a terrible situation to be in.

Yet, this is one of many situations that occur on a daily basis. Amanda Todd is one of many students who are being bullied everyday, but we don’t hear about the hundreds of situations like we do this one. Bullying of any form needs to be stopped after the first instance it occurs. We need to band together and create a zero tolerance policy/law that has consequences for a person who chooses to bully someone for any reason.

It’s hard not to be reactive about these situations, but we need to take a proactive stance and fight to end bullying around the world.

Source: ABC News


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One thought on “Breaking: Rest in Peace Amanda Todd – End Bullying NOW.

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