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My mother made me breakfast and I went off to school. I was afraid going to school because the Taleban had issued an edict banning all girls from attending schools.

Only 11 students attended the class out of 27. The number decreased because of Taleban’s edict.

This is an excerpt from a blog post by 14 yr. old Pakistani, Malala Yousufzai. She lives in the Swat valley of Pakistan.

Malala has won several international awards for her blogging about Taliban rule in Pakistan, specifically concerning the closing of girls’ schools.

Under Taliban rule, girls and women are not allowed an education. It hasn’t always been like this; before the Taliban came to rule, women were very much a part of Pakistani and Afghani society. They were lawyers and doctors and teachers. Now, however, schools are shut out to women and girls in Taliban-ruled countries.

Malala first started writing about…

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