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Obama vs. Romney: Who is the lesser of two evils?

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Save Big Bird!

Last week was the first Presidential Debate. I don’t think I’m the only one who will say that it was the most boring and painful thing to watch on Primetime Television last week, not counting the flashback episode of Grey’s Anatomy about the plane crash and the disastrous break-ups on Glee. The first Presidential Debate was full of dissent, attitude, and anger— and I’m not just talking about the viewers who tuned in.

Viewers were anxiously waiting for Obama to bring up the absurdities Mitt Romney was spewing in the past weeks (47% being the biggest one of all), but he stayed quiet (almost too quiet) for the entire evening allowing Romney to pummel through with his hostility, even though most of his debate topics were based on lies (Did anyone else notice Romney’s condescending smile while Obama was talking? Not cool). Romney also made a comment about cutting the funding to PBS and “firing Big Bird” to which angry twitter followers responded back saying they would not allow Big Bird to be fired (Occupy Big Bird). Jim Lehrer proved to be a bad moderator because he could not control the back and forth between Obama and Romney, leaving viewers to think WTF and other things.

Here’s where things get complicated: these two opponents could not be more opposite of one another; after all, Obama is Pro-Choice, Pro-LGBT rights, Pro-Woman and Romney is not. Romney may have a better idea of business management, but should we sacrifice our movement for social justice to make America more business-savvy? When you take a look at the numbers, Democrats have had a better chance at increasing jobs and lowering the deficit of America. When Obama was put into office, we were faced with the biggest recession since The Great Depression. Obama has turned the job market around and the GM/Chrysler automotive corporation is back on its feet. Saving America won’t happen overnight, but we also have to realize what is at stake in this election. The War on Women is at an all-time high and Romney has stated that he will get rid of Planned Parenthood the day he steps into office. Should we allow that to happen?Definitely not.

This is why you need to register to vote ASAP. The deadline is October 9th and it only takes 3 minutes. Remember what we are giving up if we don’t exercise our right to vote.
But that is not the point of this post. The point is to start a conversation about the political welfare of our country. Democrat, Republican, or another party? Who is the lesser of two evils? You decide, after all, it is your America too.


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