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My Little Brother is Growing Up

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Last week, my little brother Isaiah turned 11. As I spoke with him on the phone, it dawned on me that he is growing up right before my eyes. He had a birthday party yesterday, and as I hugged him, I resisted the urge to cry right then and there.


My sister Ruthy, Isaiah, and I at his birthday party (yes that is an Iron Man costume)

My brothers are my main motivators for me to do well in life, especially Isaiah. My sister and I worked hard to make sure Isaiah didn’t endure the struggles we did as kids, but at 6 years old, we didn’t prepare him for the tragedy that comes when you lose a parent.

I love my brothers very much, but every time I see Isaiah, my heart breaks from joy and sadness because I remember he isn’t going to understand that kind of loss at his age. Now, at age 11, I don’t think he truly gets it, but he does know. When the time is right, I will tell him the truth about our childhood together, and he will be able to decide his future, just like I did.


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