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Columbus Day: Why it’s a Holiday Not Worth Celebrating

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Last week, I was helping my brother with a paper on whether or not Christopher Columbus was a positive role model for people to celebrate. At first, I was wondering why his 7th grade class was learning these things at his age, and second, I had an in depth conversation regarding the truth of Christopher Columbus. Needless to say, we both ended up on the same page and banged out his one page paper (don’t you wish you were in middle school again).

Christopher Columbus is not a man to be celebrated. Here is a picture explaining why in one sentence:

Get it?

Columbus was responsible for many things, main ones being the spread of diseases and the opening of the slave trade in the New World. He is also responsible for eliminating a culture that existed before he arrived. Instead of celebrating Columbus Day, celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day. It’s more important and it highlights a culture that was there before Columbus’ invasion.

This video is about three years old, but it still gets the message across. Check it out after the jump.

Oh, and Happy Indigenous Peoples Day!



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One thought on “Columbus Day: Why it’s a Holiday Not Worth Celebrating

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